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What makes a Memory Card?

An SD (Secure Digital) or CF (Compact Flash) cards, are a combination of NAND FLASH MEMORY and a CONTROLER.

A NAND FLASH MEMORY: Is non-volatile meaning: It retains data without external power and stores the computer's language of 1's & 0's.

A CONTROLER: Is basically a small computer that is the interface between the NAND FLASH MEMORY and a camera or card reader. It handles writing and reading, error correction, voltage regulation, bad sector management, wear level techniques and other tasks. 


Major memory card brands are; Sandisk, Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, Delkin, Toshiba, Sony, etc. Of these major memory card brands, only Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba and Lexar are involved in manufacturing their own memory chips. 


There are literally hundreds of thousands of counterfeits being circulated and they are difficult to distinguish between the real deals and counterfeits. It's not apparent, until you start experiencing trouble: corrupted data, slow transfer speed, over stated capacity, a short lifespan, etc.
Best safeguard, is to purchase from a trusted retailer. 


If by chance, a counterfeit camera memory card was purchased (or maybe it's a legitimate camera memory card) and it's not working, there's a good chance we can recovery it for you. 


We have over 31 years of data recovery experience and have vast experience recovering all types of memory cards and their different failures.




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