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Android Data Recovery Case: A distraught customer called saying, "I have text messages and pictures on my phone that show how my EX has been tormenting me and I need to stop him, but I cannot get them out of my phone!"

Immediately our Data Recovery engineers got on it and within a short time all text messages and pictures were recovered from her phone and were handed over to our customer.


iPhone Data Recovery Case: Customer walks in and hands over a water soaked iPhone and said, "it fell into the pool and it has all the pictures of the birth of my daughter and I really want them back."

Our data recovery engineers then took the iPhone completely apart and by utilizing specialize equipment, were able to get back all the customer's lost pictures.


More and more people are storing their valuable data on mobile devises, iPhones, Androids, tablets, etc. The obvious benefit of a mobile device is its mobility.
But this mobility 
comes with a price, these devises are prone to being dropped, sustaining water damaged, being roughly handled, over heating (for lack of ventilation), Etc.

Data Recovery on mobile devices is a new emerging technical challenge that most data recovery firms are ill-equipped to handle.

Here at Advanced Data Solutions, were able to use our 31
 years of data recovery experience to build a solid foundation, to solve mobile device technical issues.


So rest assured, we'll get back your precious data!



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