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Virtual Machines Computers

Virtual Machines Data Recovery Case: We got the call in the morning, "our Virtual Machines unit is down and it has our production server, we need help quick!" Within a few hours the Virtual Machines unit was in our lab and our data recovery engineers were working on it." After a few hours, we called the customer and gave them the evaluation and we said, "There's a good chance we can recover it." The customer replied, "Make it happen." By the next day, the customer was back up and running and life was good again.


(This was an actual data recovery we performed, for a customer with a failed Virtual Machines unit.)


Being able to run multiply operating systems on the same computer has great benefits, but if there are any problems, the process to recover this data, is much more complex. 


Most computer personnel do not have the training or experience to properly set-up and maintain a Virtual Machines unit, let alone how to recover data from it, should it fail.


Advanced Data Solutions has over 31 years of hands-on experience, providing data recovery services worldwide, including vast experience on failed Virtual Machines units.


* Virtual Box * VMware * VMware Fusion * VMware ESXi * VMware Player * VMware vSpher *

* Windows Virtual PC * Parallel * QEMU * KVM * Oracles's VirtualBox * Virtual Desktop Infrastructure *     * (VDI) * Citrix XenDesktop * Etc. * 


Call Advanced Data Solutions 24/7, we'll get your Virtual Machines unit back-online, ASAP!


(NOTE: The evaluation on a Virtual Machines unit, is also FREE.)



1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer


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