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Computer Server

You get the call, "no access to the server and users are waiting and there's projects that need to go out ASAP! And the boss is pissed!" Then, you calmly check your back-ups, getting ready to do a restore, and to your HORROR!!! The back-ups stopped working over a year ago!!! Then you get a call from the, boss and owner, and your stomach drops into a deep pit, as they ask, "how long to restore the back-ups?"


For an IT admin person this would be a VERY bad day.


Luckily, you're not alone.


Advanced Data Solutions has over 31 years of hands-on experience, recovering from all types of server crashes, running many different operating systems. We understand that, having a server down, can be costing a company, hundreds or thousands of dollars per day or per hour, or could possible put a company out of business. With these thoughts in mind, we strive to get back the lost data to the customer, ASAP!


* Windows Server * Linux Server * Macintosh Server * SQL Server * RAID Array Server * VOIP Server 

* Video Surveillance Server * Production Server * Etc., ......


No matter which type of Server you have, our data recovery engineers have the experience to recovery it quickly and efficiently.


Called Advanced Data Solutions 24/7 and we'll get your data back, ASAP!



1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer

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