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- Enterprise RAID Array Recovery -

You're the owner and you know if you lose your data, you could be out of business. So you spend your hard earned monies on a good RAID system and you say, to yourself, "I'm set! No worries, everything's squared-away, I'm fully-protected." Then the RAID reports, "A hard drive is down." Then you say, to yourself, "No proglemo, glad I got a RAID 5 system, all the users are still up and running." Then you pull out the bad hard drive and put in a new one, and that's when it hits the fan! You get a BLUE SCREEN! And the RAID goes down! Then you hear the users scream, "OMG!!!"


We hear horror stories like this, over and over.

These nightmares are happening all over the world, every day. That's where we come in.

We have over 31 years of hands-on data recovery experience and have successfully recovered thousands of failed RAID array units.

We have vast experience working with; 


* DELL * PowerVault * HP * NAS * Intel * 3Ware * Drobo * G-RAID * LaCie * Duo Pro Drive * Thunderbolt * Thecus * Seagate * Qnap * Etc.


We understand that, there can be Mission Critical data on the failed RAID Array unit and that the company's future maybe be at stake.

To successfully recover a failed RAID Array unit, requires:

  • Vast experience on all types of different RAID array units and the many different failures that can occur.

  • Access to sophisticated data recovery equipment and in-depth experience and knowledge in the usage of this equipment.

  • A seasoned team of data recovery engineers that can combine their different skill sets and work together, to successfully recover a failed RAID array unit.

Advanced Data Solutions has this experience, and much more! WE'LL GET BACK, YOUR FAILED RAID ARRAY UNIT!


Call Advanced Data Solutions 24/7, for solutions for your failed RAID Array unit!



1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer

A Hard Disk Drive RAID Array
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