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- Virus Sabotage Ransom Recovery -

RANSOM DATA RECOVERY CASE: Customer walked into our facility saying, "my ex-business partner is holding my data for Ransom and if I don't pay him the $10,000.00 he's demanding, then I will never be able to use my business data again."

Immediately our data recovery engineers started working on this project and with-in one day, they had been able to remove all passwords and had gained full access to all of our customer's data. By the next morning our customer was back in business. 


SABOTAGED DATA RECOVERY CASE: Customer placed his destroyed Sabotaged Mac Mini on our front counter. IT showed signs of severe impact, the Mac Mini was now shaped as a large U. Customer said, "his wife took a bat to it!"
Our engineers took it to our cleanroom and by the next day, they had successfully recovered all his data.


VIRUS DATA RECOVERY CASE: Customer explained to our Customer Service personnel, "I've got the Virus "RansomWare" and if I don't pay the Ransom, I'll lose all my important business financial data."
Our engineers got right on it and within a day, they had been able to recover a good majority of the data being held for Ransom, allowing the businessman to save his company. 


Viruses, Sabotages and Ransoms are some of the dangers our computers are exposed to, on a daily basis. Nobody is completely immune from these potential dangers. 

But, if unfortunately your computer becomes infected or sustains damaged, give us a call.

Our Data Recovery Engineers have over 31 years of hands-on Data Recovery experience and knowledge, to save your data.



1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer


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