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Data Recovery Experts

- Guarantees -

San Diego ADS Data Recovery Experts Guarantees
  • FREE EVALUTIONS: We'll immediately evaluate your hard drive for you, at NO COST TO YOU! 

  • NO-DATA - NO-CHARGE: You'll only pay for results. You'll have full opportunity to verify all the recovered data and if the recovered data is not to YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION, you don't have to pay!

  • DATA VERIFICATION: You'll get back, ONLY GOOD WORKING DATA. We'll have our Quality Control Engineers verify the recovered with you in person, or remotely, through an internet connection. That way, you'll know exactly what you're getting back. NO SURPRISES!

  • FAST TURN-AROUND: Within 1 to a few hours, (usually same day it arrives) we'll have the evaluation complete for you, with all the details. Then, just give us the "GO AHEAD" and typically, within 1 to 2 days (or faster) we'll have all your data, back into your hands!

  • THE LOWEST COST: We have been Data Recovery innovators for over 25 years. Our; efficient methods, state of the art equipment, proprietary techniques, R&D, proficient and accurate Data Recovery procedures have brought our cost down. Allowing the savings to be passed on to our customers.

  • ALL COMMUNICATIONS LOGGED: All communications between customer and ADS are logged into our database and timed-stamped. Also, all verbal agreements are put on paper and signed by both customer and ADS. These procedures are for avoiding any confusion or misunderstanding.


  • CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVACY: We highly value the confidentially and privacy of our customers and their data. All recovered data, is the property of the customer and will be address as such. Also, all recovered data will be stored and safeguarded, using industry standards for full protection and privacy.

  • DATA CUSTODY PAPER TRAIL: When requested, a "Data Custody Paper Trail" can be implemented. A signature log will be kept, logging all events related to your data recovery effort. These procedurals are in-line with Data Forensics investigations or highly sensitive data.

  • STORING A BACK-UP OF YOUR RECOVERED DATA: We will keep a copy of your recovered data on our storage servers, for a period of two weeks, as a curtesy to the customer. 

  • SECURE SITE: Our ADS facility has 24 Hour / 7 Day monitoring, with immediate response. Also, we have personnel in the facility 24 Hour / 7 day. Also, all entry points are secure and with limited access.



1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer

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