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Data Recovery Experts

- Dropped Water Fire Recovery -

Fire Data Recovery Case: It was the early morning, of September 1998, in Orange County California that a FOUR ALARM FIRE lite-up the 40 year old, Oak Mil Inc., milling company, like a huge bon-fire that ultimately, consumed the company to complete ashes. 

The twisted, melted-charred computer was taken to us for the hopes of a data recovery.  After many hours of painstaking reconstructed work and data recovery procedures, the lost data was finally saved and given back to it's owners.


Dropped Computers, Water Soaked Computers, and Fire Damaged computers, are a fact of life, occurring thousands of times a day, world-wide. 


Knowing how to approach and properly start performing data recovery procedures on a Dropped Computer, Water Soaked Computer, or Fire Damaged Computer is critical. Any wrong or skipped-missed step can be disastrous. Knowing and having the hard-earn experience is crucial in doing it right the first time, since typically, there's not a second chance!


Just as choosing the right doctor is important, it's also crucial to choose the right data recovery firm.


Advanced Data Solutions has over 31 years of hands-on data recovery experience on all facets of hard drive failure or damaged.

So you bet, we've got the experience to do it right the first time and we'll get back your data. 




1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer


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