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- Hard Disk Drive SSD Recovery -

It has been estimated that at one time there were over 200 hard disk drive manufacturers in the past. Most of them have vanished through, bankruptcy, or mergers and acquisitions. 

Actual surviving hard disk drive manufacturers are:  * Western Digital * Seagate * Toshiba *


Now a days, the following are the hard drive brands that we see constantly come in for data recovery:

* Western Digital * Seagate * Hitachi * Samsung * IBM * Maxtor * Fujitsu *  

Most are now using Sata hard drive interfaces, but we still see ATA, SAS, and SCSI interfaces. 


Now here comes the SSD's, they have no moveable parts and generally use a Sata interface.


SSD -    * Diablo Technologies * SanDisk * HGST * OCZ * Cisco * Seagate * IBM * Virtium * 

            * Violin Memory * Tegile Systems * Microsemi * A3CUBE * Micron * Pure Storage * 

            * Kaminario * Samsung * PLX Technology / Avago * PLDA * Cactus Technologies *
            * Intel * Foremay * EMC * Nimbus Data Systems * InnoDISK * Marvell * Primary Data * 

            * Netlist * Memblaze * SolidFire * Nimble Storage * Maxta * NxGn Data * 

            * PMC Sierra * Kove * Coho Data * Etc. *


- What do they all have in common - That one day, they will all fail -


Yes, someday all storage media will fail and if back-ups are not obtainable, then good chance, you'll be a customer of ours. Even the new evolving SSD storage can let you down.


But, if unfortunately one of these units were to fail on your watch, and you don't have back-ups, all is not lost. 


Advanced Data Solutions has over 31 years of hands-on data recovery experience.

We stated recovering data, on some of the earliest hard drive interfaces that came out, years back, and have gain tons of data recovery experience. And of course, were performing, cutting-edge data recovery on the latest storage media technologies.


So you bet, call Advanced Data Solutions 24/7 and we'll get back your lost data!




1-855-SOS-DATA (767-3282)
International / Local 1-619-452-1234

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE - Live Engineer

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